"Border Crossing", Jennifer McAuliffe's first comedy album is now available on iTunes

Border Crossing” Jennifer McAuliffe’s first comedy album is now available on iTunes

Jennifer McAuliffe, comedian

Jennifer McAuliffe is a comedian from Toronto, Canada who has performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, across America, Canada, Ireland, the UK, and Bermuda. She has the distinction of performing for the troops at Base Borden.

Summer 2018: she wrote for the Just For Laughs festival in Montreal, where she lied about how much school French she remembered on phone calls to her dad.

She is a writer and featured performer on VSP podcast with Steve Patterson of CBC’s Debaters. She went to University of Toronto and University of the West Indies, so owes several schools a lot of money. She recorded her album “Baby Face” in Nashville and really likes to work.

At 14, she ran away from home to go to Mexico for 3 months and you’d think she’d talk about THAT and not robots so much. In her free time she writes TV pilots that are so feminist, the cowards at the networks will never make them.

She’d love to do lunch.