Jennifer McAuliffe’s parents immigrated to Saskatchewan so she could have a better life, and now she imitates their accents for money.

She has the honour of performing for the troops at Borden, performed in the prestigious Edinburgh Fringe as well as Sketchfest and SheDevil NYC Festival. She has built an obsessive following using a constant barrage of relatable jokes about feminism, dating and anxiety on Twitter @JenniferJokes.

When not writing for multiple comedy sites such as *Reductress and CBC Comedy, she’s on stage in clubs and colleges in Canada, the United States, England, Scotland, Ireland, and Bermuda. She has been on the road for many months and might have scurvy.

She’s written for a tv show but signed a non disclosure, so please don’t ask about it. She’s very bad at keeping secrets.
You can find her on SirusXm and eHarmony.